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VOA Broadcasting in Creole to Haiti

VOA Creole provides news and information about Haiti, the Haitian diaspora, the U.S. and the world by collaborating with local affiliate stations who cannot afford to acquire such programming on their own. Due to Haiti's proximity and the United States' long- standing role in the country, audiences have an appetite for information about the U.S., its people, policies and the U.S.-based Haitian diaspora, which, without VOA, would go unfilled. The service brings credibility and objectivity to coverage of local events that is not present in a very politicized Haitian media market. Along with radio, the web and social media, VOA Creole broadcasts on radio-on-TV Monday through Friday.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1986

Target Area: Haiti

Weekly Audience: 1.7 million

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VOA Kreyol


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Programs and Features

NEWS PROGRAMS: These weekday and weekend news broadcasts cover the latest events in Haiti, U.S. news, and international stories of interest to the audience.

RendezVous: A 30-minute radio-on-TV news magazine focusing on Haiti, U.S. and international news. Airs at 4:00pm, M-F. It is simulcast on digital platforms.

Morning Radio Newscast: Early morning 30-minute newscast with the latest information on Haiti and the United States. Airs at 7:30am, M-F.

Afternoon Radio Newscast: A 30-minute wrap of the most important news of the morning. Airs at 12:30pm M-F.

Weekend Updates: Twice a day Saturday and Sunday the Creole service provides 30-minute wraps of the most important news of the week, including special segments and interviews contextualizing the top stories of interest to the audience (radio).

Gender Equality -- focuses on the role of women in Haitian society. The segment airs on radio and video every Thursday and Monday.

Justice USA -- a weekly 5-minute feature about the American justice system, the application of laws, including immigration laws.

Public Health -- focuses on health issues of interest to the Haitian audience.

Science and Technology -- a bi-weekly segment that features latest technological and scientific developments.

Diaspora Segment -- focuses on the Haitian community in the U.S.

Learning English – a weekly educational segment for radio programs.