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VOA Broadcasting to Central Africa

The Great Lakes region of Africa is the place where the last known genocide in human history took place less than 25 years ago. It is also a region torn by years of ethnic and political conflict. VOA Kirundi/Kinyarwanda is a balancing medium that sets the standards of impartial and comprehensive reporting, promoting democratic values and fostering civil dialogue and reconciliation between all political stakeholders. Through the Kirundi/Kinyarwanda language service, the people of the United States speak directly to the citizens of the African Great Lakes region.

Quick Facts

Established: July 1996

Target area: Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Uganda, Northwest Tanzania

Weekly Audience: Rwanda 57%, Burundi 46%

Radio Programming: 21.35 hours per week



Radiyoyacu VOA




Radiyoyacu VOA

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Programs and Features

Murisanga (Call-in Program) - One-hour Program Mo-Su: engaging audiences on issues of peaceful cohabitation, political tolerance, combating hate speech and dissipating rumors, especially among the younger audience that heavily relies on social media.

Dusangire Ijambo (Panel Discussion) – Weekly program that seeks insights from scholars, government officials and civil society leaders on major issues of the day in the Great Lakes, Africa and the world.

Iwanyu mu Ntara (Burundi: From the Provinces) – In-depth coverage with reports and features from the 18 provinces of Burundi, 4 provinces of Rwanda, and the 4 major refugee camps hosting Burundians in Tanzania, DRC, Rwanda and Uganda. Locally-based stringers visit regular folks in their own communities and report on their daily lives in their own voices.

Amakuru (News) – Three 30-minute segments daily about local, regional and world news, with analysis and perspectives.

Ejo (Tomorrow) – a 30-minute weekly youth program from Rwanda that focuses on youth entrepreneurship and promotes the culture of civil discourse, unity and reconciliation among the youth in the Great Lakes region.

Americana - Tells American stories from U.S. history, politics, cultural and scientific heritage, as well as American perspective on world issues.

VOA60Afurika - A one-minute roundup video of Africa’s top stories each day. It is published online and distributed by Hooza, a Rwanda-based online media outlet.