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VOA Broadcasting in Hausa to Africa

Hausa is a language spoken by close to 60 million Africans. VOA Hausa has a total of 16 hours of weekly programming on direct and simulcast broadcasting on shortwave and AM with a website that features live and on-demand audio broadcasts. Politically and economically the targeted countries are vital to U.S. interests - particularly Nigeria with its huge population of more than 170 million, vast oil and gas resources and a sizeable Muslim population. The Hausa program line-up includes integrated newscasts, magazine shows, diverse stringer reports, exclusive interviews, call-in shows with prominent leaders, panel/round table discussions, listeners’ emails, phone calls, texts and online engagement. In addition, the service has 25 weekly radio features and segments.

Quick Facts

Established: January 21, 1979

Target Areas: Nigeria, Niger Republic, Ghana, Chad and Cameroon

Radio Programming: 16 hours per week

TV Programming: 30 minutes per week

Programs and additional features available at:


VOA Hausa







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Programs and Features

Taskar VOA (“Treasure Basket”) is a weekly 30-minute youth-driven TV magazine focusing on current affairs, religion, technology and entertainment.

Yau Da Gobe (“Today and Tomorrow”) is a daily 30-minute show targeting women and youth, with a strong online and on-demand presence.

Dandalin VOA (“VOA Platform”) is a digital platform that features live and on-demand audio broadcasts.

Noma Tushen Arziki (“Agriculture is the Origin of Wealth”) is a weekly radio program that explores how modern farming techniques and discoveries can help small and commercial African farmers.

Taka Mai Wuya (“Political Crossfire”) is a weekly radio program that presents opposing views on different current issues in the Hausa region.

Lafiya Uwar Jiki (“Health is Wealth”) is a weekly radio program focusing on health issues, especially those that affect Africa, such as polio, HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera.

Ilmi Garkuwar Dan Adam (“Education Makes a Man”) is a weekly radio program focusing on progress and challenges in education in the area.

Ciki Da Gaskiya (Anti-Corruption Program) is a weekly feature exposing individual, group and government corruption in the region.