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VOA Broadcasting in Hausa to Africa

Hausa is a language spoken by close to 60 million Africans. VOA Hausa has a total of 16 hours of weekly programming on direct and simulcast broadcasting on shortwave and AM with a website that features live and on-demand audio broadcasts. Politically and economically the targeted countries are vital to U.S. interests - particularly Nigeria with its huge population of more than 170 million, vast oil and gas resources and a sizeable Muslim population. The Hausa program line-up includes integrated newscasts, magazine shows, diverse stringer reports, exclusive interviews, call-in shows with prominent leaders, panel/round table discussions, listeners’ emails, phone calls, texts and online engagement. In addition, the service has 25 weekly radio features and segments.

Quick Facts

Established: January 21, 1979

Target Areas: Nigeria, Niger Republic, Ghana, Chad and Cameroon

Radio Programming: 16 hours per week

TV Programming: 45 minutes per week

Programs and additional features available at:


VOA Hausa







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Programs and Features

Taskar VOA is a weekly 30-minute youth-driven TV magazine focusing on current affairs, religion, technology and entertainment.

Lafiyarmu is a weekly 15-minute television show with an emphasis on prevention and practical solutions viewers in Africa can use to keep their families healthy.

Yau Da Gobe is a daily 30-minute radio show targeting women and youth, with a strong online and on-demand presence.

Tsaka Mai Wuya is a weekly 10-minute radio program that presents opposing views on different current issues in the Hausa region.

Ciki Da Gaskiya is a weekly 10-minute radio feature tracking individual, group and government corruption in the region.

Baki Mai Yanka Wuya is a weekly 10-minute radio program that provides constitutional and legal interpretation to political issues of the day.

Da Dan Gari is a joint production between VOA Hausa and its affiliates. The weekly 10-minute radio program offers profiles of rural towns and villages along with an analysis of their socioeconomic challenges.

Kasuwa Akai Miki Dole is a weekly 10-minute radio feature in which Hausa stringers visit local markets and bring the energy of the transactions between retailers and consumers over the prices of the most common items, while providing updates on current rates of international currencies.

DandalinYanjarida: A weekly 10-minute radio roundtable of journalists drawn from various locations discussing Press Freedom issues.