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VOA Broadcasting in Hausa to Africa

Hausa is primarily a West African language spoken by close to 60 million people in the region – primarily in Nigeria, Ghana, and Niger. Other countries with large Hausa-speaking populations include Cameroon, Chad, Libya, Cote d’Ivoire, and Benin. Politically and economically, the targeted countries are vital to U.S. interests, particularly Nigeria with its sizable population of more than 210 million, and its vast oil and gas resources. VOA Hausa offers a total of 16 hours of weekly programming of direct and simulcast broadcasting on shortwave and AM, while the service’s website features live and on-demand audio broadcasts, as well. In addition, to its youth-driven TV current affairs magazine “Taskar VOA,” the VOA Hausa program lineup includes integrated newscasts, feature-magazine shows, diverse stringer reports, exclusive interviews and call-in shows with prominent leaders, panel discussions, and online engagement.

Quick Facts

Established: January 1979

Target Area: Nigeria, Niger Republic,
Ghana, Chad and Cameroon

Radio Programing: 16 hours per week

TV Programming: 30 minutes per week

Programs available at:


VOA Hausa







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Programs and Features

Taskar VOA: A weekly 30-minute youth-driven TV magazine focusing on current affairs, religion, technology, and entertainment.

MANUNIYA: A weekly feature that samples public views and gets answers from authoritative sources on socioeconomic, political, cultural and other daily challenges facing communities in the target area (Fridays, 0500UTC).

AREWA A YAU: A weekly feature that focuses on security issues in northern Nigeria with the participation of stakeholders including senior civilian and military officials, religious, community and youth leaders, as well as NGO representatives (Wednesdays, 1500UTC).

‘YAN KASA DA HUKUMA: A weekly feature on human rights including abuses on children and women, as well as corruption in the public and private sectors (Tuesdays, 0700UTC).

DOMIN IYALI: A weekly magazine program that offers divergent discussion on women and family-related topics. This program brings together stakeholders, men and women to discuss issues affecting women and families. (Wednesdays, 0500UTC).

ZAUREN VOA: A feature that offers divergent discussion on a variety of issues raised during VOA Hausa’s monthly town hall conducted at the Abuja bureau. The forum invites leaders from the government and private sector, as well as security officials and other influential guests to answer questions from a live audience (Sundays, 0700UTC).

YAU DA GOBE: A daily 30-minute radio show targeting women and youths, with a strong online and on-demand presence.

TSAKA MAI WUYA: A weekly radio program that presents opposing views on a variety of current issues (Tuesday, 0500UTC)

CIKI DA GASKIYA: A weekly radio feature tracking individual, group and government corruption in the region (Mondays, 0500UTC)

DA DAN GARI: A joint production of VOA Hausa with its affiliates. The weekly 10-minute radio program offers profiles of rural towns and villages along with an analysis of their socioeconomic challenges (Saturday, 0700UTC).

MATASA A DUNIYAR GIZO: A weekly radio feature that analyzes the strong bond between youths and social media and the impact of their relationship on physical, emotional, social, and developmental growth of young men and women.