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VOA Broadcasting in Portuguese to Africa

The VOA Portuguese to Africa service broadcasts to Lusophone Africa and other countries where there are sizable Portuguese-speaking communities. The service produces a 90-minute daily radio show that broadcasts to East Timor, a Portuguese-speaking country in Southeast Asia, as well as Brazil via shortwave and the Internet. The program line-up includes news, discussions, interviews and a wide variety of features, including music and art. In addition, the service broadcasts a daily 30-minute Facebook Live program, Washington After Hours, it produces a Washington bureau feature for national television of Mozambique, TVM, and it offers several video products, such as the VOA60 news capsule and the Hollywood-oriented Red Carpet.

Quick Facts

Established: May 1976

Target Areas: Lusophone Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe).

Radio: 12.5 hrs per week

TV: 15 min. per week Red Carpet

30 min weekly “Africa Now”

15 min weekly “Saúde em Foco”

VOA60 Africa 1 minute 5 days/week
VOA60 World 1 minute 5 days/week

Digital Programming:

Facebook Live:

Washington After Hours -- 30 min. M-F

“Africa Now” -- 30 min Friday

Programs and features available at:


VOA Portugues







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Programs and Features

The service produces a 90-minute program, Monday-Friday, from 1700-1830 UTC. The first 30 min of the Friday broadcast consists of a debate on Lusophone Africa issues. The 90- minute radio weekday program takes a comprehensive look at the day’s news and events, analysis, including business and sports, interviews, reports, and features.

The first half-hour includes Angola Window, which covers the daily lives of Angolans with stringers based in Luanda (the capital) and in several of the country’s provinces. On weekends, Angola Window focuses on current political issues, as well as social and cultural themes.

Africa Now: a weekly television 30-min debate on hot issues in Lusophone Africa with a special guest answering questions.

Washington Fora d’Horas (Washington After Hours): a fast- paced daily 30-minute Facebook Live show providing breaking news in politics, economics and social issues all over the world and in Lusophone Africa.

Health in Focus: a weekly 15-minute TV/web on health issues with contributions from stringers on the field and medical doctors.

Passadeira Vermelha (Red Carpet): a 15-minute weekly program that covers the latest in celebrity news, fashion, sports, film and television around the world.

Washington Directo: a daily news bulletin on Lusophone Africa and world news, distributed via WhatsApp to several listeners as well as to radio partners.

Live with STV/Mozambique: a weekly 15-20 minutes live two- way with a main TV station in Mozambique on a diversity of U.S. topics

VOA Portuguese to Africa currently has two TV affiliates in Mozambique which air “Red Carpet,” and “Health in Focus” as well as 4 radio affiliates. The service also has one TV affiliate and eight radio affiliates in Guinea-Bissau, and two radio in Cape Verde. It also has a TV affiliate in Sao Tome and Principe.