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VOA Broadcasting in Swahili

The VOA Swahili service broadcasts to the east and central African nations of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and several pockets of Swahili-speaking communities in West and Southern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. VOA Swahili programs air on medium wave and several FM affiliates in the region, reaching fifteen million listeners a week.

Quick Facts

Established: May 1962

Target Areas: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda,

Burundi, Rwanda and the

Democratic Republic of


Weekly audience: 15 million

Radio Programming: 13 hrs, 30 min. per week

TV Programming: 3 hrs, 5 min. per week

Digital Programming: 70 min. per week on average

Programs and additional features at:


VOA Swahili




VOA Swahili

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Programs and Features

VOA’s Swahili service airs four half-hour radio programs daily, Monday through Friday, and one half-hour on Saturday and Sunday. It also broadcasts five-minute news breaks, 3 hours and 5 minutes of television programming weekly, as well as digital content. The service broadcasts news and features, complimented by stringer reports from the region on important international, regional, and U.S stories. It also broadcasts weekly segments on sports, women’s issues, society and development, health, as well as programming of interest to younger audiences.

Duniani Leo is a 30-minute daily news television show that reports on the most important stories of the day in the target region and the world. With reports from East Africa, Washington, and VOA bureaus around the world, Duniani Leo delivers the latest news and analysis, along with regular segments on technology, sports, health, business news, and entertainment.

Kumekucha (Breakfast) is a 30-minute radio show with news, short features and a mix of world news and events, targeting early morning commuters. The program has a special segment once a week in which people on the streets talk about issues that touch them in their daily lives.

VOA Express is a youth-oriented program that examines major social, cultural, security, youth and political issues in Kenya and the region.

Kwa Undani (In-Depth) is a radio news talk show that takes a closer look at major stories of the day and digs deeper by asking further questions, getting more information, and exploring implications. Kwa Undani talks to reporters from the region, as well as newsmakers to provide more context.

Women’s World is a 5-minute weekly radio show with reports and interviews on various issues of interest to women. The program also highlights achievements made by women in the United States and the region.

Zulia Jekundu (Red Carpet) is a 15-minute weekly program that covers the latest in celebrity news, fashion, sports, film and television around the world.

Maisha na Afya is a 15-minute weekly show with an emphasis on prevention and practical solutions viewers in Africa can use to keep their families healthy. The show tackles issues such as maintaining good health during pregnancy, easy hygiene practices, fitness and healthy eating habits, and alerts viewers to the latest breakthroughs in the health field.

Live Talk is a popular and lively call-in program that allows listeners to participate in discussions with experts and newsmakers on different topics.