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VOA Persian is one of the leading international news broadcasters in Iran. Nearly one-in-four adults in Iran watch VOA Persian weekly for in-depth coverage of American, Iranian, and international developments. Programs can be accessed on direct-to-home satellite, streaming sites, and a host of social media platforms. VOA Persian remains the U.S. government’s only means of direct communication with the people of Iran, who have limited access to free media.

Quick Facts

Established: 1979

Target area: Iran

Weekly Audience: 12% of population of Iran

TV Programming: 6 hours per day of original programming, repeated on a 24-hour cycle.

Programs and additional features available at:


VOA Persian





Features and Programs

NewsHour (1630 UTC/9:00 pm in Iran): A flagship news program that delves into the top stories of the day, with debriefs from VOA Persian beat reporters and in-depth reports from VOA’s newsroom. NewsHour includes a full dose of sports with Ali Emadi, giving fans appointment viewing to catch up on all the highlights of the day from around the world. (45 minutes Sat thru Wed)

Straight Talk (1730 UTC/10:00 pm in Iran): Audience engagement show driven by social media. Topics range from the news of the day to current social media trends. (60 minutes Mon thru Fri)

Late Edition (1830 UTC/11:00 pm in Iran): Aimed at a younger demographic, this program features entertainment from Hollywood, movie reviews and music. (30 minutes daily)

New Horizon (1530 UTC/8:00 pm in Iran): VOA Persian’s discussion show with live interviews involving guests and experts from around the world examining the major topics of the day. (30 minutes Mon thru Thurs)

Last Page (1530 UTC/8:00 pm in Iran): An hour-long program highlighting the newsmakers of the week - who they are, what they said and why it is important. Mehdi Falahati anchors this lively program which mixes sound bites, video clips, packages, and guests. (60 minutes Fri)

Tablet (1830 UTC/11:00 pm in Iran): The 15-minute prime-time show focuses on cultural and social issues involving young people in Iran and the United States. Host Masih Alinejad, leads the conversation in this youthful and energetic program. (Thursdays)

This is a list of VOA Persian’s main TV programs. The service produces a total of 16 original TV programs and features per week.

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