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VOA Broadcasting to Iran

VOA Persian/VOA 365 is a re-launch of the U.S. Agency for Global Media’s (USAGM) Persian-language programming to Iran. The Voice of America (VOA) is leading this project in cooperation with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s (RFE/RL) Radio Farda. It confronts the disinformation efforts of the Iranian regime and enhances U.S. efforts to speak directly to the Iranian people and the global Persian diaspora during a pivotal time in U.S.-Iran relations. Programs can be accessed on direct-to-home satellite, streaming sites, and a host of social media platforms. VOA Persian/VOA 365 remains the U.S. government’s only means of direct communication with the people of Iran, who have limited access to free media.

Quick Facts

Established: 1979

Target area: Iran

Weekly Audience: 15.7% of population of Iran

TV Programming: 6 hours per day of original programming repeated on a 24-hour cycle.

Programs and additional features available at:



YouTube Channel


Telegram Channel

Features and Programs

9 NEWS: VOA 365’s flagship, prime time news program that uses the world-wide resources of the Voice of America to cover important U.S. and international stories of the day, as well as issues of interest to its audiences in Iran, the Iranian diaspora and Persian speakers around the world.

VOA Tek: A weekly original news magazine program exploring cutting-edge solutions to the world’s challenges, medical breakthroughs and high tech discoveries.

Max Wheel: Join famous Iranian-American host and standup comedian Max Amini in Los Angeles, as he takes the wheel behind cars ranging from rare and classic, to the latest models.

Citizen Watch: A weekly program focusing on exposing corruption and wrong-doing by the regime in Tehran.

Chess: A weekly roundtable discussion on Iran’s issues, focusing on Tehran regime’s violations in socio-political, economic, and social spheres.

Straight Talk: A social media-driven series shares views from Iranian audiences and the diaspora in an interactive format focusing on topics ranging from the news of the day, to current social media trends.

Last Page: An investigative journalism program exposing, among others, corruption by the Iranian establishment at all levels of society.

Tablet: A 15-minute prime-time show focusing on cultural and social issues involving young people in Iran and the United States. Masih Alinejad, leads the conversation in a youthful and energetic program. (Thursdays)

New high-quality acquisitions from CNN (The Decades), ABC News, National Geographic TV and the Smithsonian Channel will round out the 24/7 programming.

This is a partial list of VOA Persian/VOA 365’s main TV programs.

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