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VOA Broadcasting in Albanian

VOA’s Albanian service is bringing its audience in the Western Balkans unbiased, objective, and comprehensive news. Successfully employing a cross-platform content strategy, the service informs, engages, and connects its audience in Albania, Kosovo and Albanian-speaking areas of North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. VOA’s Albanian service serves as a de facto “Washington Bureau” for its affiliate stations, explaining U.S. foreign policy objectives, in a region still vulnerable to internal and external destabilizing forces. The media in the target area are still subject to control and influence by the government, political parties, and powerful business interests. Journalists regularly practice self-censorship to suit the economic interests of media owners, and reporting is especially vulnerable to editorial pressure. In this politicized media market, VOA Albanian continues to be a trusted and authoritative source of news and information. The service focuses its coverage on democratic reforms, ethnic reconciliation and regional cooperation, the importance of the rule of law, and the fight against corruption and organized crime. The service’s programming is widely disseminated by local media on TV and on the web.

Quick Facts

Established: May 1943 (broadcasts interrupted 1945, resumed May 1951)

Target Area: Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia

Weekly Audience: 31 percent in Albania

33.8 percent in Kosovo ​

TV Programming: 3.7 hours per week

Programs and additional features available at:

Facebook: zeriAmerikes

X: @zeriamerikes

YouTube: zeriamerikes

Instagram: zeriamerikes

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Programs and Features

Ditari (Journal) – A daily 30-minute news and information television program, highly popular and recognized as trustworthy and credible by the audience. The show airs in 41 TV affiliates in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia, providing them with unique content from Washington, D.C., and other Albanian diaspora centers in the United States.

In addition to its regularly scheduled TV programs, VOA Albanian provides special reports (interactives) for five top- rated affiliates, two in Albania: "News 24" and "Top Channel" and three in Kosovo: “RTK,” “RTV21” and "T-7." These largely focus on major political developments in the United States, bringing the audience U.S. perspectives on events affecting the region.

The service’s TV content is complemented by a dynamic website, which caters to both desktops and portable devices. VOA Albanian also engages the audience through a popular Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts and provides original video on its YouTube channel