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Following the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis, Armenia's relations with Russia have undergone a noticeable shift. Recognizing the need to explore new avenues beyond its traditional alliance with Russia, the Armenian government announced its intention to diversify its security partnerships – this has proved to be a challenge for a landlocked country that has maintained close military, economic, and political ties with Russia for years. VOA broadcasts to Armenia are, therefore, of crucial importance as VOA Armenian is the only Armenian-language outlet to explain global developments and U.S. policies and goals in the region, and counter Russian disinformation regarding U.S. developments and policies that appear in Armenian media. VOA Armenian is also the only platform that focuses on the influential Armenian diaspora in the United States. The service is consistently recognized by its audience as a trusted and reliable source of news and information. VOA Armenian stories are regularly republished by Armenia’s leading media outlets, often dominating the news agenda with U.S.-focused reporting

Quick Facts

Established: June 1951

Target Area: Armenia

Weekly Audience: 21.3 percent

TV Programming: 1.15 hours per week

Programs and additional features available at:

Facebook: amerikayidzayn

X: @Amerikayidzayn

YouTube: Amerikayidzayn

Instagram: amerikayidzayn

Telegram: Amerikayidzayn

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Programs and Features

Armenian Daily Report – A television feed of approximately 15 minutes Monday through Friday, which contains reports on U.S. and world events, foreign policy, business, science, and U.S.-Armenian relations.

View from America – A weekly 20-minute program airing on Sundays and repeated on Mondays that blends stories on the Armenian diaspora, American culture, and social issues in the United States and Armenia.

Good Morning – A daily segment focusing on science, culture, technology, health, lifestyle, and entertainment topics.

Digital Projects

"InՏանիք" (Under the Roof) – A biweekly series of 5-8-minute short documentaries exploring the experiences of mixed-nationality families, especially Armenian American families. The segments provide insights into a multicultural and diverse American society through stories of families for Armenia’s predominantly mono-ethnic audience.

Next Stop – A vlog-style digital series of 5-6 minutes designed to introduce Armenian youth to the lifestyle, values, and interests of American youth. The series informs and educates about traditions, historical landmarks, U.S. education, holiday celebrations, culture, and the overall lifestyle and diversity in the United States. The video content is distributed online and to affiliates, with a different format also published as a video reel on social media.

One Woman's Story – A weekly 8-15-minute self-narrated segment that highlights inspirational stories about women who have achieved success in different areas, and also raises awareness about significant women- related social issues, including gender equality, domestic violence, education, and challenges faced by women with disabilities.

In addition to maintaining a website and a mobile site that expand the service’s TV coverage with multimedia content, VOA Armenian provides video on its YouTube channel and engages its audience via its Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram accounts. VOA Armenian’s online content is syndicated in some of the most popular internet sites in the target area.