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VOA Broadcasting in Bosnian

VOA is a leading international broadcaster in Bosnia-Herzegovina, providing news and information from the United States and the region. Through its varied, multimedia programming, with a focus on television, the service successfully meets the informational needs of a sophisticated audience in a region of strategic interest to the United States. The service promotes U.S. foreign policy interests and impacts political discourse in a region still divided along ethnic lines. While its audience primarily resides in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the service also has TV and online audiences in southern parts of Serbia and parts of Kosovo, as well as throughout Western Europe among the Bosnian diaspora.

Quick Facts

Established: June 1996

Target area: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Weekly Audience: 19 percent in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 8.8 percent in Serbia.

TV Programming: 3 hours per week

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Programs and Features

Studio Washington – A live, 30-minute news and current affairs television program, which airs Monday through Friday by satellite and on 15 TV stations throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina. The show includes interviews with newsmakers from the United States and the region.

VOA Bosnian also conducts a weekly 5-to-10-minute live-to-tape interactive program with the national Bosnian channel PBS. It airs on prime time on Mondays and focuses on major political and social issues in the United States, providing U.S. perspectives on developments affecting the audience. The service also conducts one to three other interactive programs with their major partner stations.