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VOA Broadcasting in Georgian

VOA’s Georgian Service employs an interactive mix of television and internet programming to inform, engage and connect with the audience, which has been described as an arena of conflicting interests between the United States and Russia. VOA broadcasts to Georgia counter increasing Russian influence and media propaganda. The audience views VOA Georgian as a "window on the United States," providing valuable insights into American life, thought and institutions, and quality analysis on Georgia’s democratic evolution and its prospects for Euro-Atlantic integration.

Quick Facts

Established: May 1951

Target Area: Georgia and Georgian-speakers, globally

Weekly Audience: 8.1 percent

TV Programming: 1 hour per week

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Washington Today – A weekly 20-minute TV magazine carried by nationwide Georgian Public TV (GPBTV). The show focuses on developments in the United States, American perspectives on major developments in the target area, the Georgian diaspora, and features on social issues, medicine, science, technology and culture.

VOA Georgian also conducts regular weekly reporting and live interactives for Achara TV, TV Pirveli, Business Media Georgia, MAESTRO TV and Georgian Public Broadcaster (the Moambe news program), serving as their “U.S. Bureau” – providing analysis on NATO/EU and U.S.-Georgia relations, democratic institutions, breaking U.S. stories, and insights into American life and people. The service’s programming is also carried by 21 other regional stations.

In addition, VOA Georgian maintains a web and mobile presence that expands its television coverage with digital multimedia content, providing video updates on its YouTube channel and engaging the audience via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.