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VOA Broadcasting in Macedonian

VOA is the top-rated international broadcaster in the Republic of North Macedonia bringing original and exclusive reporting and providing a panoptic view on U.S. policies and expert opinions on the country’s Euro-Atlantic prospects. Through its cross-platform programming, the service offers a comprehensive perspective on life in the United States and explains U.S. foreign policy in a volatile region exposed to Russian media propaganda and Islamic State radicalization and recruitment. The importance of continued and strengthened VOA Macedonian programming is highlighted be the fact that the North Macedonian government has tightened its grip on the media. Research indicates that the audience sees VOA Macedonian as a trusted source of news, information and analysis, with 96 percent recognizing the service as trustworthy.

Quick Facts

Established: January 1999

Target Area: Macedonia and neighboring countries with Macedonian-speaking minorities

Weekly Audience: 22 percent

TV Programming: 1.05 hours per week

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Programs and Features

NewsFlash – VOA Macedonian’s flagship show and the only regular Macedonian-language TV show by an international broadcaster. The 10-minute program airs nationwide Monday through Friday on Telma, and 24 Vesti, as well as on a number of regional and local stations throughout Macedonia. The program focuses on news from the United States pertinent to the audience, including coverage of the Macedonian diaspora.

In addition to maintaining a vibrant website that expands the TV coverage with feature reporting, a widget with links to the service’s U.S. News in One Minute Internet TV segment and its website’s top headlines is advertised on some of the most popular Internet news sites in Macedonia, such as

VOA Macedonian also conducts weekly interactives with Telma TV for their prime time nightly news show. The service collaborates with RFE/RL from Prague on Horizonti, an in-depth current affairs monthly TV program.