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Denied direct distribution and program placement on Russia’s media outlets, VOA Russian employs a digital-first strategy that is constantly evolving to address the rapidly changing and increasingly restrictive environment in Russia that became even more critical following Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. VOA Russian constantly explores and adopts new tactics to inform, engage and connect the information-deprived Russian audiences in the country and beyond across desktop, mobile and socialplatforms. The multimedia content of the service’s 24/7 Russian-language television and digital news network includes video streaming, social media native products, and expert media projects, providing important context and alternative viewpoints on important events in the United States, Russia and globally not presented by Russian-controlled TV and media outlets.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1947

Target Area: The Russian Federation, as well as the Russian-speaking population of former Soviet republics and globally

Weekly Audience: 3.1 percent

Programming: 12.5 Broadcast hours per week

Programs and additional
features available at:

Facebook: golosameriki

X: @golosameriki


Instagram: golosameriki


Mobile / Tablet Applications:

VOA Russian app for Apple devices (iOS)
VOA Russian app for Android devices

VOA+ Streaming app for Apple (iOS) devices
VOA+ Streaming app for Android handheld devices

Programs and Features

America – A one-hour, live daily television newscast providing U.S. and international news for the Russian-speaking population globally. The program features live correspondent reports, interviews with newsmakers, updates from Wall Street and the New York business world, as well as the latest in science and technology, medicine, and entertainment news. A stringer network across the United States provides news and feature programming in major American cities. The program, which is part of the Current Time Channel, is distributed via top TV distributors in the region.

Itogi – A weekly (Saturday) 30-minute analytical television magazine featuring alternative viewpoints on important events in the United States and in the target area not available in Russia’s state-controlled media. The program, which is part of the Current Time Channel, provides a “reality check” on various political, economic, social, and cultural issues.

Detali – A weekly 30-minute science and technology magazine that expands on headlines in the area of space exploration, tech innovations, and breakthroughs in science and medicine. It is part of the Current Time Channel’s Saturday primetime lineup.

New York, New York – A biweekly 30-minute magazine program produced by the VOA Russian team in the Big Apple. The fast-paced program showcases the heart and soul of New York, taking viewers out of the studio and onto the streets of the city that never sleeps. The show features New Yorkers and their way of life, and iconic New York spots, explaining their historic significance and the importance of the locales today. It is distributed via the Current Time Channel, social media, and video-sharing sites.

Digital First Products for Social Media Distribution:

U.S. News in a Minute – A digital-first, subtitled video product that provides quick daily updates on the latest U.S. news.

Discussion VOA – A live interactive 30-minute talk show featuring a host, experts, and participating audience discussing the weekend's major news developments.

VOA Express – Daily newsletter published on the website and distributed via VOA Russian’s Telegram channel and VKontakte. It features updates on the main topic of the day, an original video report or “must read” article and explainers or infographics.

America Live (live streaming on the web and social media platforms) – Unfiltered coverage of events in America that focuses primarily on U.S. policy issues and U.S.-Russian relations. America Live features simultaneously translated presidential addresses, major policy pronouncements, speeches, debates, congressional hearings, and other important events.

Ukraine: The Most Important Podcast – A weekday podcast (about 25 minutes) that discusses the latest developments in Ukraine, Alexandr Grigoryev and Alexey Gorbachev.

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