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VOA’s Russian service employs a digital-first, cross-platform strategy to inform, engage, and connect the Russian-speaking audiences and offers fact-based alternatives to Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns designed to fan anti-U.S. and anti-Western sentiments both in Russia and globally. VOA Russian’s interactive multimedia content includes video streaming on desktop and mobile platforms, social media native products, expert blogs, and user-generated content and feedback. It serves to engage audiences in conversations about America and its values while offering insights into U.S. policy, life, and institutions, including U.S.-Russia relations and American reactions to developments influencing Russian democracy. In addition, VOA’s Russian service produces a variety of television programming (from a daily one-hour live news program and two news discussion shows to a weekly show from the streets of New York), which all air on the Current Time Channel. In addition to providing objective news about domestic and international developments, VOA Russian debunks the Kremlin’s strident anti-American propaganda with fact-based content; offers in-depth coverage of issues vital to U.S. national interests; gives an accurate and comprehensive portrait of America and its policies and institutions; and targets potential change agents in Russia, including opposition figures, business leaders with a strong stake in integrating Russia into the global economy, and the many Russians – now largely silent – who favor putting Russia back on a path that embraces democracy and respects human rights.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1947

Target Area: The Russian Federation, as well as the Russian-speaking population of former Soviet republics and globally.

Weekly Audience: 3.1 percent

TV Programming: 11.2 hours per week

Programs and additional features available at:

Facebook: Golosameriki

Twitter: @golosameriki


Instagram: @golos_ameriki

VK: golosameriki

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Programs and Features

Current Time America – A daily 30-minute Russian-language TV news program jointly produced by RFE/RL and VOA that is carried on domestic stations in Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia and Moldova. Current Time also reaches Russian-speaking news seekers worldwide via digital platforms.

Current Time Itogi – A weekly (Saturday) 30-minute analytical show giving audiences alternative viewpoints on important events in the United States and the target area not presented by Russian-controlled TV.

Current Time Nedelya – A weekly (Sunday) live 30-minute talk show featuring a panel discussion with high-profile experts looking at the week ahead in the United States and U.S.-Russian affairs. It also discusses the weekend's major news developments. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has been replaced by a weekly digital program, Discussion VOA.)

Current Time Detali – A weekly 30-minute science and technology magazine that explores headlines in the areas of space exploration, tech innovations, and breakthroughs in science and medicine. It is part of the Current Time Channel’s Saturday prime-time lineup.

New York, New York – A weekly 30-minute magazine show produced by the VOA Russian team in the Big Apple. The fast-paced program features New Yorkers and their way of life, explains the historic significance and importance of iconic New York locations and takes viewers out of the studio and onto the streets of the city that never sleeps. It is distributed via the Current Time Channel, social media and video-sharing sites. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has been replaced by a digital segment, Virus in the City.)

America Live Coverage Desk – VOA’s live, unfiltered coverage of events in America streamed on the Current Time Channel and VOA-branded digital and social media properties that focuses primarily on developments in U.S.-Russian affairs and Russia’s malicious influence in the region. The program features real-time analysis by U.S.-based experts and simultaneously translated presidential addresses, major policy pronouncements, speeches, debates and congressional hearings.

Great American Road Trip – In its second season, this documentary series explores the character of different U.S. states and cities through stories about their people, history, culture and food. The 24-minute episodes showcase the uniqueness of each place and break down stereotypes about American society. It is distributed via Current Time, social media and video-sharing sites.

Our American Story – In its second season, this documentary series features Russian-speaking immigrants who have come to America and succeeded in a variety of business endeavors and professional occupations. The stories demonstrate the appeal of free-market capitalism and the role of citizens in a democracy, offering a counterpoint to everyday life in Russia. The 26-episode series is distributed via the Current Time Channel, social media and video-sharing sites.

Digital First Products for Social Media Distribution:

U.S. News in a Minute – A digital-first subtitled video product that provides quick daily updates on the latest U.S. news.

Artifacts – A weekly five-minute digital video program that focuses on what specific objects can tell us about American history. VOA Russian journalists explore important events using artifacts such as a firefighter’s badge, President Reagan-era postcards, or a President Eisenhower election campaign pin.

What on Earth? – A 40-minute Sunday webcast streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. The host takes viewers out onto the streets of Miami, his adopted hometown, to discuss hot topics of the week with experts and neighbors..

What Do You Know About America? – A weekly interactive quiz that focuses on different aspects of American life – from holidays to politics. It presents news-related trivia and detailed explanations of the right answer once the user has submitted his/her choice.

Context – The host, a journalist and linguist, analyzes in this engaging weekly video column the rhetorical manipulation of Russian officials and state media in misinterpreting both domestic and foreign events.

Stop, Where It Was Filmed? – Short video explainers filmed in locations of iconic Hollywood movie scenes.

Hi, Tech! – A five-minute weekly technology and innovation segment targeting a young and technology savvy audience. The host talks about new tech products, analyzes Russian authorities’ crackdown on the free internet, and test-drives cars with new interesting features.

Songs of a Generation – Short captioned videos with five interesting facts about famous American songs.

How Is It Done in America? – From protests to parades, this digital video product explores how authorities, society and the media in Russia and the United States react to similar events.

America 101 – Short original videos about American daily life know-how, such as renting an apartment and leasing a car.

Lexicon of U.S. Politics – A series of short video backgrounders on the electoral process in the United States. Each episode explains key terms and symbols in American politics, their origins and current use with historical anecdotes and analysis – from “super-delegates,” “barnstorming” and “soccer moms,” to “Six-pack Joe” and the “Bible belt.

360 Storytelling – Panoramic videos that allow the audience “to be” in an interesting place virtually, produced by the VOA Russian digital team as a complementary experience to traditional TV reports, or as an independent product, complete with narration and subtitles.