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Denied direct distribution and program placement on Russia’s media outlets, VOA Russian employs a digital-first strategy that is complemented by increased programming on television, the dominant media platform among Russian speakers, to inform, engage and connect the information-deprived Russian audiences across desktop, mobile and social platforms. The multimedia content of the service’s 24/7 Russian-language television and digital news network includes video streaming, social media native products, expert blogs and user-generated content and feedback that gives alternative viewpoints on important events in the United States and the target area not presented by Russian-controlled TV.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1947

Target Area: The Russian Federation, as well as the Russian-speaking population of former Soviet republics and globally

Weekly Audience: 3.1 percent

TV Programming: 8.08 hours per week

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Programs and Features

Current Time. AmericaA one-hour live daily television newscast providing international and U.S. news for the Russian-speaking population globally – 45 minutes from Washington and a 15-minute business report produced in New York. The program offers content that is not otherwise available on state-controlled Russian media. It features live interviews with newsmakers, and the latest in science and technology, medical and entertainment news. A stringer network across the United States provides news and feature programming in major American cities. Current Time. America is distributed through multiple TV affiliates in Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine, as well as Britain, the Netherlands, Turkey and Montenegro.

Current Time Week in ReviewA weekly (Saturday) 30-minute analytical show that gives audiences alternative viewpoints on important events in the United States and the target area not presented by Russian-controlled TV.

Briefing A 10-minute daily digital digest of short, native video reports distributed via social media. Available on desktop and mobile devices, this digital-first product is designed to generate better user engagement around the news and subjects that are trending in the United States, Russia and globally, including topics often misreported by Russian media outlets.

US News in 60 SecondsA digital-first video product that provides quick daily updates on the latest U.S. news.

Made in USA A weekly video feature about American people, life, thought and institutions.

Hollywood Boulevard A weekly video feature showcasing the latest releases from the American movie industry.

Why on Earth? (Ono vam nado?) – A weekly (Sunday) video blog from Florida, distributed via social media, that wraps up interesting events with guest appearances.

My American Story – A weekly documentary series featuring individuals who came to the United States from Russia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet states in pursuit of the American dream.

The service continues to expand its social media footprint through reporting and engagement efforts designed to generate and disseminate original material, and promote the service’s brand and reporters within the Russian-language digital space. VOA Russian journalists harness new, creative formats and innovative tools to produce and distribute content ranging from original text videos, live reporting on Facebook to 360-degree videos, photo galleries, infographics, explainers, Q&A sessions with reporters, daily American news digests and American English lessons.

In addition, VOA Russian provides live broadcasts, with simultaneous translation, of important presidential speeches and press conferences, and hearings in the U.S. Congress on the Current Time Channel, with live streaming on the service’s website and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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