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VOA’s Ukrainian service is employing a cross-platform, digital-first strategy. The service’s coverage focuses on U.S.-Ukraine relations, U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine and the region, as well as American life and achievements in democratic governance, business, health, science and technology. VOA Ukrainian is often the medium of record regarding policy pronouncements by U.S. officials. Since its establishment in 1949, VOA Ukrainian has been a vital source of news, information and analysis of major international and regional affairs. Serving as a model of a balanced, credible and impartial coverage, the service has had a major influence on the development of the Ukrainian media market since Ukraine gained independence in 1991. Today, VOA Ukrainian’s daily TV broadcasts, weekly programming and web output are carried by more than 40 national and regional TV stations, and are reprinted in major Ukrainian digital media sources. Through its regular and ad hoc interactives, VOA Ukrainian serves as a “Washington bureau” for many major media players in Ukraine.

Quick Facts

Established: December 1949

Target Area: Ukraine

Weekly Audience: 11.0 percent

TV Programming: 2.83 hours per week

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Programs and Features

Chas-Time – A daily 15-minute TV news and information program broadcast nationally by Channel 5 Sunday through Friday. It features international news, stories on developments in the United States, and newsmaker interviews on U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

Window on America – A weekly 20-minute TV magazine showcasing compelling stories about American life and society. The program airs on First National TV and Channel 5.

Studio Washington – A daily five-minute news segment broadcast on Ukraine’s highest-rated network ICTV and Channel 24.

VOA Ukrainian also produces special reports and live interactives for Ukraine’s highest-rated network ICTV, as well as other popular networks including UA:First, Channe, 24, STB, Pryamyy, Espresso TV and Channel 5. These live remotes and special reports are integrated into the primetime TV news broadcasts of these national networks. The service’s Chas-Time and Studio Washington TV programs, as well as its numerous special live TV reports, are carried by 29 national and regional TV stations throughout Ukraine.

VOA Ukrainian also actively engages its audiences on the web and all major social media platforms.