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VOA Broadcasting in Burmese

Millions of Burmese tune in to VOA Burmese broadcasts for the latest news about Myanmar, Southeast Asia, the U.S., and the world. The service’s radio and TV shows cover a wide range of topics, from daily news developments to in depth analysis of important global and regional issues, making it one of the most popular international news broadcasters in Myanmar.

Quick Facts

Established: June 1942

Target area: Myanmar and Southeast Asia including Thailand

Weekly Audience: 4 million

TV Programming: 137.75 hours per week

Radio Programming: 35 hours per week

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Programs and Features

Ludu Meitswe

Ludu Meitswe Ludu Meitswe is a 24-hour Burmese language news channel from the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Asia (RFA). The channel broadcasts informative programs with independent news coverage about the latest developments in Burma, Southeast Asia and around the world. Viewers can also watch feature shows about travel, health, economy, science, and Learning English.

Satellite TV

VOA Burmese broadcast a 30-minute live news program on weekdays and TV Magazine shows on Saturdays and Sundays. The programs air on VOA’s Asia satellite and are rebroadcast by TV affiliates, DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma), Fortune TV and Sangklburi Cable. VOA on Mizzima 15 minute program airs on Mizzima digital TV free to air channel on weekdays.


VOA Burmese airs 2 hours per day on shortwave, medium wave and on satellite. VOA Burmese shows are streamed on its website, Facebook, YouTube and TuneIn. The shows include original reporting from Myanmar, SoutheastAsia and the U.S., as well as analysis and informational reports on civil society.

Regular features include: Burma Democracy Forum, News from Ethnic Frontiers, U.S. Political Roundtable, Women’s Corner, Health, Science & Technology, Economics, Social Landscape, Arts & Entertainment, GenZ Youth Programs and Agriculture for the people of Myanmar.

VOA on Social Media

All VOA Burmese programs and news are live-streamed and posted on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, X & Telegram.