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VOA Broadcasting in Cantonese

The VOA Cantonese service reaches an audience of elite entrepreneurs, businessmen, soldiers and students as well as aspiring rural residents in south China who either do not understand Mandarin well or prefer their native dialect. The service also reaches Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Australia, and other Chinese communities where Cantonese is more widely spoken than Mandarin.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1939

Target area: Cantonese speakers in southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau and traditional Chinese script users throughout the world

Weekly Audience: 4.8% among 15 to 64 year-olds in Hong Kong

Radio Programming: 14 hours per week

Video Programs: 47 minutes per week

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Programs and Features


News in Brief: 10 minutes of news at the top of the hour and news updates each half hour during the 2-hour daily program, with a focus on U.S.- China relations and important international news.

Window to the World: A 20-minute radio segment repeated four times within the 2-hourdaily show. It includes interviews and expert analysis on U.S., China and world affairs.

Popular American: A 5-minute English teaching radio segment, four times a week. A situational dialogue teaching popular American idioms and slang not usually found in the dictionary.

News of America: A 5-minute by-weekly radio segment/podcast program. Introduce the latest information on all aspects of the United States, including politics, economy, society and people's livelihood.

Overseas Hongkongers: A 5-minute bi-weekly radio segment/podcast program. By interviewing Hongkongers in different parts of the world, we explore how they adapt to the new environment as new immigrants in the new country, how they continue to maintain their identity as "Hongkongers,” and how they continue to maintain their connection with Hong Kong.

Building the Nation: An 8 to 10-minute podcast program. It focuses on major events of American history, from the colonial-era to the end of the 20th century.


American Report: A 5-minute weekly segment that includes the latest developments in science, medicine, arts and entertainment.

Daily Video News: A 5-minute round up of the latest news published daily on the service’s website, YouTube and Facebook pages.

VOA60 World: A daily one-minute headline news segment