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VOA Indonesian provides a wide variety of news and information programs to the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, the world’s third largest democracy and the world’s fourth largest population overall. Research shows VOA Indonesian reaches more than 39 million people weekly, who say that due to VOA’s balanced and objective reporting, they have a better understanding of America. The service reaches its audience via TV, radio and digital platforms including websites and social media. Over the years, VOA Indonesian has built an extensive TV and radio affiliate network to reach the widest possible audience including that in remote areas.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1942

Target Area: Indonesia

Weekly Audience: 36.5 million

Radio Programming: 48 hours per week

TV Programming: 9.5 hours per week

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VOA Indonesia



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Programs and Features


Breakfast & Evening Show -- Two long-standing live radio programs, airing five days a week. Both include reports on the latest American and international news, as well as reports by VOA’s correspondents in the U.S. and around the world. The Breakfast Show also includes features on science and medicine and profiles of newsmakers.

Start Your Day with VOA a 30-minute daily morning news program for the Sindo Radio Network, one of the largest radio networks in Indonesia.

Headline News – A 5-minute news update broadcast 16 times per day, 7 days per week.

VOA Direct Connection – A 1-hour popular culture variety program that airs Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

VOA Executive Lounge – A 30-minute talk show that targets young professionals airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through the PasFM Radio Network and other affiliates.

VOA Kisah Rantau – A segment featuring stories of Indonesian diaspora across the world, airing through CPP Radio Network that also carries other VOA radio programs like VOA Executive Lounge and VOA DC (Direct Connection).


Dunia Kita (Our World) – A weekly half-hour human-interest TV magazine show airing on the first 24-hour news channel in Indonesia, Metro TV. It is VOA Indonesian’s longest-running TV show.

Laporan VOA (VOA Report) – Economic reports for Metro TV’s business newscasts, five days per week.

VOA Pop News -- A weekly 30-minute multi-platform talk show featuring stories on American and global pop culture, as well as reports on the Indonesian diaspora in the U.S. and topics popular on social media. Coverage includes red carpet events, TV and movie scoop, lifestyle trends and tips, and "viral" news.

Warung VOA (VOA Cafe) – A weekly 30-minute talk show in Indonesian and Javanese exploring culture and lifestyle for JTV in East Java.

Susah Nggak Ya (Is It Difficult?) – a weekly 3-minute look behind the scenes of how something is made, or achieved. It is aired by SCTV in Jakarta.

VOA Trending Topic -- A multi-platform 2-minute segment on trending news, global pop culture and lifestyle. Airs three times a week in digital and TV platforms.

Sapa Dunia (Greetings, World) – A weekly 5-minute segment featuring current affairs and human-interest stories for Kompas TV in Jakarta.

SH+E Magazine - A weekly 30-minute magazine show that highlights inspiring profiles, career, education and lifestyle dedicated to inspire Indonesian women airing on MyTV – Indonesia’s only women’s channel.

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