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VOA Khmer is a 24/7/365 multimedia news operation reaching its audience in Cambodia by radio, TV and the internet, building on the foundation of reliability established by broadcasting through three decades of war. VOA Khmer maintains the No. 1 Facebook page in Cambodia, with more than 5.8 million Cambodia-based fans out of its 7.7 million global fans, attracting a young audience with engagement and interaction. VOA Khmer also maintains the No. 1 Twitter account in Cambodia, with 279k followers. On Instagram, VOA Khmer has 161k followers. On YouTube the service has 600k subscribers. There is limited dissemination of news in the country. VOA programs serve Cambodians as a lifeline to the world and as a trusted source of news and information about the U.S., Asia and Cambodia in the Khmer-language.

Quick Facts

Established: August 1955

Target Area: Cambodia

Radio Programming: 10.5 hours per week

(FM, AM and SW)

TV Programming: 45 minutes per week

Programs and additional features available at: (English)

Facebook: /voakhmer

Twitter: /voakhmer

YouTube: /voakhmerservice

SoundCloud: /voakhmer

Instagram: /voakhmer

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Features and Programs


WASHINGTON NEXUS on CNC: Weekly 15-minute U.S. politics interactive discussion program with TV affiliate anchor in Cambodia.

CREATIVE CAMBODIA: Highlights the independent-thinking and passion required for premium creative work through interviews and news-feature TV-video packages about accomplished and often trail-blazing Cambodians in the U.S. and in Cambodia.

REPORTER’S NOTES: Explanatory journalism program each month, that features a discussion with a VOA Khmer journalist and a trending topic, with robust visual and video production. 22-25-minutes in duration.

US BUSINESS: TV news-insert stories on American business, trade policy, commerce and entrepreneurs - digitally distributed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and website.

VOA TODAY: TV news-insert stories on U.S. news, trends and culture - digitally distributed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and website.

CAMBODIAN SPOTLIGHT: Original news and interviews - TV coverage of Cambodia and Cambodians - digitally distributed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and website.


ENVISION CAMBODIA PODCAST: 16-episode audio podcast series looking at Cambodia in the year 2040. Two 28-minute episodes released per month for eight months, ending June 2021.

EVENING NEWS HOUR: 60-minute international breaking news and features program that covers the latest developments in the U.S., Asia, Cambodia and the world. It brings global and regional perspective and analysis that domestic Khmer-language media neglects. Heard in Cambodia on FM affiliate radio stations and medium wave AM 1575 and short wave.

SUNRISE NEWS: A 30-minute news program covering the latest local, regional, and international developments. Heard in Cambodia on FM affiliate radio stations and medium wave AM 1575, 5:00-5:30am on medium and short wave.

HELLO VOA: A 25-minute audio discussion program, airing Monday and Thursday at 9:00pm on the radio and distributed via social media in digital podcast form. The Program, that takes live listener calls and questions through Facebook, features guests from politics, the government, NGOs, the business world, academia and the scientific community.