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VOA Korean reaches elites in North Korea, who represent 10–15 percent of the population, via radio with uncensored news and information that is unavailable to North Koreans through state-controlled North Korean media. VOA Korean provides highly relevant news and information about the U.S. and the world.

Quick Facts

Established: August 1942

Target Area: North Korea

Radio Programming: 7 hours per day

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Programs and Features

VOA News Today: VOA Korean’s main news show provides comprehensive, news coverage on North Korea from Washington and Seoul (3 hours, daily). Includes live 5-minute newscasts at the top of every hour, with the latest news headlines from around the world.

Early Morning: This one-hour live radio show airs Monday- Friday 12:00– 1:00PM Washington time (2am–3am Korea time). The program covers major developments around the Korean peninsula and discusses the U.S. reaction to them.

Live from Washington: This current affairs show includes the latest news, current affairs and entertainment developments in the U.S. and around the world (2 hours, daily).

Washington News Parade: This daily news program offers original reporting and in-depth coverage on North Korea (1 hour, daily).

Weekend Magazine Show: This current affairs program touches on a variety of topics including news, entertainment, and more (1 hour, weekly).

News Focus: This weekly show presents discussion of the week’s major developments along with news analysis (45 minutes, weekly).

Freedom Seekers: Produced through original reporting, this weekly program presents personal life stories of North Korean defectors who sought a new life and opportunities in South Korea (15 minutes, weekly).

Life in a Free Market: This weekly show teaches the audience basic principles of free market through the eyes of a North Korean defector in South Korea (7 minutes, weekly).

Music Showcase: This Saturday music show presents a variety of American pop music, from rock to R&B (30 minutes, weekly).

My Jukebox: This weekend music program features the best of Korean pop music from the 70’s to the present (1 hour, weekly).

Pops English: This two-for-one program guides the listener through the lyrics of American pop music, explaining key words and phrases and some of the most interesting facts about American culture (15 minutes, weekly).

English with Yoo: This English learning program introduces some of the most useful English words and phrases through everyday conversations, providing a glimpse into American culture (5 minutes, daily).

Today in History: This three-minute segment uncovers significant historical facts of the day in the areas of politics, science, music and more (3 minutes, daily).