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VOA Broadcasting in Lao

VOA reaches listeners throughout Laos, as well as Lao-speaking people in northeast Thailand. The broadcasts can be heard on mediumwave, local affiliate stations and the internet. VOA programs are a lifeline to the outside world for Lao listeners, who live under strict media censorship. VOA is a trusted source of accurate and balanced news and information. VOA is a resource for well-educated Laotians, especially young professionals, bureaucrats, and business people – informing those shaping the country’s future and its relations with the United Sates. As a result, VOA is one of the most popular international broadcasters in Laos.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1962

Target Area: Laos

Radio Programming: 30 minutes daily

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Programs and Features

VOA Lao broadcasts a daily 30-minute radio show at 7:30 p.m. in Laos. The program covers regional and world news, correspondent reports, news analysis, and weekly features on Laotians living and working overseas, which include interviews with Lao migrant workers in Thailand, and members of the diaspora. This show is also streamed live on digital platforms (web, YouTube and Facebook) from Monday-Friday.

Current affairs reports include news analysis from political experts, environmentalists, human rights lawyers, university professors, and other newsmakers in the U.S and overseas.

Other segments include features on business, health, development, technology, women, culture, and the country’s youth. The service also produces features on Lao and American music by request.

In addition, VOA Lao offers English learning programs designed to help Lao speakers practice their American English. Your American English Show is

a five-minute video segment explaining English idioms. It airs twice weekly on Lao National Television. Lao National Radio has been broadcasting a curriculum-based VOA English Learning program since 2007.