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VOA Broadcasting in Mandarin

VOA’s Mandarin service reaches the Chinese-speaking population in the People’s Republic of China and around the world with daily television and radio broadcasts as well as digital content that tells the story of America and its relations with China. For nearly eight decades, VOA Mandarin has provided uncensored and fact-based news about significant developments in China and around the world that empowers its audience to make informed decisions.

Quick Facts

Established: December 1941

Market: China

Radio: 56 hours/week

TV: Satellite: 6 hours / week
Digital: 3 hours / week

Weekly Audience: 39 million in China


Facebook: @voachinese

Twitter: @voachinese

YouTube: voachinese

Instagram: @voachinese

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Programs and Features


Eye on America, a daily news program on U.S. news and U.S.-China relations. It airs in the morning local time.

Issues & Opinions, a news and talk program on major developments in China.

Pro & Con, a weekly talk show debating controversial issues related to Chinese politics, economics, and U.S.-China relations.

Strait Talk, a weekly show that focuses on the latest developments in Taiwan-China relations, Taiwan politics, the South China Sea and Hong Kong. The show incorporates callers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Digital Programs

You Are Hired, a 20-minute weekly mini-documentary in which hosts take up a new job each week. The series gives a first-hand glimpse of life in America and exposes the audience to American values and culture that are in sharp contrast to the U.S. as depicted in China's state media.

Day Day Up, a window into what Americans are talking about on social media. The program captures the robust debates taking place on a wide range of trending topics.

Eagle and Shield, a weekly 10-minute news and technology review show that focuses on American military affairs and the latest in military technology development.

Plus One, a window into everything America and how it relates to and empowers the Chinese. The stories aim to explore many different aspects of American life: customs, institutions, and people.


Windows on the World, a daily hour-long current affairs program.