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VOA’s Mandarin service reaches the Chinese-speaking population in the People’s Republic of China and around the world with daily television and radio broadcasts as well as digital content that tells the story of America and its relations with China. For eight decades, VOA Mandarin has provided uncensored and fact-based news about significant developments in China and around the world that empowers its audience to make informed decisions.

Quick Facts

Established: December 1941

Market: China

Radio: 56 hours/week

TV: Satellite: 56 hours / week

Digital: 3 hours / week


Facebook: @voachinese

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YouTube: voachinese

Instagram: @voachinese

Telegram: @voachinese


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Weekly Audience: 33 million

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Programs and Features

TV and Digital Programs

Issues & Opinions

VOA Mandarin’s flagship daily current affairs talk show that provides news, opinions, and debates about U.S.-China relations and China’s domestic issues. Audiences interact with the guests via online comments.

One on One

A weekly in-depth interview series with renowned China experts, newsmakers and former U.S. officials where the host and guests engage in genuine and candid conversations.

Day Day Up

An engaging and timely window into what's being said about China on social media, both in the U.S. and in China. The show compares how they are reported and discussed differently in the U.S. and China.

Side by Side

A weekly show that compares and contrasts the different systems in the U.S. and China by using hot political/social/ cultural issues in China as news pegs.

Eagle and Shield

A weekly news and technology review show that focuses on American military affairs and the latest in military technology development.


Windows on the World

A daily current affairs program highlighting VOA Mandarin's original reports.

My Voice, Our Story

A series that portrays personal stories of individuals who have experienced momentous events in China, the history of which has been rewritten or censored.