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VOA Vietnamese broadcasts news and information about Vietnam, the U.S. and the world via satellite TV and digital platforms. The service maintains one of the largest YouTube media channels in the country with over 1 billion views and 1.5 million subscribers. On Facebook, VOA Vietnamese has 3.5 million followers. On Twitter and Instagram, VOA Vietnamese ranks #1 and #2, respectively, among competitors. The service provides Vietnamese audiences with accurate and balanced news in a market where the Communist Party strictly controls all media.

Quick Facts

Established: 1943

Target Area: Vietnam

TV Programming: 2.5 hours per week

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TV and Digital Programs

VOA Express – A 30-minute flagship news program that includes on-the-ground reporting from stringers in Vietnam and from video journalists in the US.

Study in the U.S. – A weekly, 30-minute interactive live digital show featuring in-depth interviews with education experts and students on studying in the U.S.

U.S. Immigration – A weekly, 30-to-60-minute interactive live digital show with experts discussing U.S. immigration policies and answering audience questions.

Your Health – A weekly live interactive program with health experts covering all aspects of health care and answering questions from the audience.

EconTalk – A weekly live talk show with a guest expert discussing economics in daily life, analyzing latest economic news and taking questions from the audience.

Tuesday Roundtable – A weekly, 1-hour live show featuring in- depth discussions and debates with experts discussing hot selected topics about Vietnam and the world.

Thursday Talk Show – A weekly, 1-hour live show featuring reviews & analyses with journalists, observers and reviewers on issues and events that matter during the week.


Global News – A 30-minute podcast highlighting daily news from Vietnam, the U.S. and the world.

International Story – A 30-minute weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews and exchanges with experts on today's world, regional politics, security issues and beyond.

Weekend Story – A 30-minute weekly podcast featuring interviews that share life stories, social/cultural experiences and outlooks on daily life, combined with entertainment, sport, music, movies, tourism and cooking.