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VOA Broadcasting in Vietnamese

VOA Vietnamese broadcasts news and feature stories about Vietnam, the U.S. and the world via TV, radio and the Internet. The service provides Vietnamese audiences with accurate and balanced news in a market with limited news outlets.

Quick Facts

Established: 1943

Target area: Vietnam

Radio Programming: 3.5 hours per week

TV Programming: 2.5 hours per week

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Programs and Features


VOA Express – A 30-minute flagship news program that includes on-the-ground reporting from stringers in Vietnam and from video journalists in Washington D.C., presenting news, features, and American stories. It airs live five times a week on VOA Asia Satellite, YouTube channel and Facebook.


The VOA Vietnamese website carries the latest news from Vietnam, the U.S. and the world. The site includes blogs, and features on American culture, science and technology, health, and education.

The VOA Vietnamese YouTube page is currently one of the largest media channels in the Vietnam market with hundreds of millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The audience can submit news tips or photos to the editors via the service’s user content page.

In addition, the service provides Learning English programs for beginning and intermediate English learners.

Special Features

Study in the U.S. – A weekly, 30-minute interactive live show featuring in-depth interviews on Facebook Live and YouTube with education experts and students on studying in the U.S and the U.S. education system.

U.S. Immigration – A weekly, 30-to-60-minute interactive live show with experts in the field, discussing U.S. immigration policies, updating latest information and simultaneously answering questions from the audience via Facebook Live and YouTube.

Your Health – A weekly live interactive program on Facebook Live and YouTube with health experts across the country covering all aspects of health care, providing health-related news updates, discussing health issues and taking questions from the audience.

EconTalk - A weekly live talk show on Facebook and YouTube with a guest expert discussing economics in daily life, analyzing latest economic news, bringing the global economy to life and taking questions from the audience.

A daily, 30-minute radio news program on medium wave and on podcast for listeners on the website and subscribers in the iTunes and Google stores. The program includes daily news from Vietnam, the U.S. and the world.