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VOA Broadcasting to Afghanistan

VOA Ashna (“Friend”) reaches roughly 64 percent of Afghanistan’s adult population with its popular TV, radio and digital content. VOA is one of the leading sources of daily news and information for the country’s population of nearly 37 million, as well as a large Afghan diaspora around the world. Radio and TV Ashna, TV Etesal, TV 30-Minutes, TV Hayel, Exclusive Interviews, Inside Story and Life in the

U.S. cover a variety of issues including current affairs, U.S. policies, security, health, science, entertainment, sports, youth, and women’s rights. In addition, VOA reaches nearly 80 percent of Afghanistan’s web and social media users, including more than 11 million followers on its Dari and Pashto Facebook pages.

Quick Facts

Dates Established:

Dari (10/1980) Pashto (07/1982)

Radio Programming:

6 hours Dari, 6 hours Pashto

TV Programming:

Two 30-minute newscasts per day, 6 days per week; one 30-minute newscast per day, 5 days per week; one 30-minute TV magazine per week one 30-minute TV Interview programing per week, two weekly one-on- one 30-minute interview shows, one 30-minute program that dives deep into one topic in the news, one 30-minute magazine program covering Afghan life in the U.S., to both Dari and Pashto populations in, Pakistan, Iran, and Dari/Pashto- speaking diaspora in the Middle East and Europe.

Satellite Programming:

24 hour direct-to-home TV satellite, 7 days per week; 6-hour Dari and Pashto content repeated several times a day.

Programs and additional features at:

Facebook: voadari, voapashto

Twitter: @voadariafghan, @voapashto

Youtube: voaafghanistandari, voaafghanistan

Instagram: @voadari, @voapashto

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Programs and Features


TV Ashna is a Sat.-Thur. 60-min program in Dari and Pashto. It includes interviews with Afghan and American policy makers, news, features, and reports from Afghanistan and other cities worldwide. TV Ashna airs at 1430 UTC (7:00pm in Afghanistan).

TV Etesal is a Sun.-Thur. 30-min program in Pashto. The program includes news and interviews on current affairs with Afghan and American policy makers. TV Etesal airs at 1400 UTC (6:30pm in Afghanistan).

TV 30-Minutes is a bilingual 30-min. weekly news wrap program that covers two major news events of the week with a special guest who is an expert in that field. Airs at 1430 UTC (7:00pm in Afghanistan).

TV Hayel is a weekly 30-min. program in Dari and Pashto. Hayel is an interview-based program asking the hard-hitting questions from two opposing views on the ongoing issues in Afghanistan. Airs at 1500 UTC (7:30pm in Afghanistan).

TV Bu Ali Sina is a weekly 60-min program in Dari and Pashto on health-related issues. The show, hosted by a male and a female medical correspondent, focuses on the most pressing health issues in Afghanistan. Airs at 1230 UTC (5:00pm in Afghanistan).

TV Exclusive Interviews is a weekly 30 min. program in Dari and Pashto. One-on- one interviews with important news makers in U.S. and Afghanistan dive deeply into issues. Exclusive Interviews-Pashto airs Wednesdays at 1330 UTC (6:00pm in Afghanistan). Exclusive Interviews-Dari airs Thursdays at 1330 UTC (6:00pm in Afghanistan).

Inside Story is a weekly 30 min. dual language (Dari/Pashto) program that dives into major news of the week covering a range of topics, such as U.S. policy, news, and major events from around the world. It airs Saturdays 1330 UTC (6:00pm Afghanistan)

Life in the U.S. is a weekly 30 min. dual language (Dari/Pashto) program that covers the life of Afghans in the U.S. It covers topics from resettlement, to expats, to celebrating holidays. Life in the U.S. airs on Fridays 1330 UTC (6:00pm Afghanistan)

TV Cactus+ - Is a weekly 30 minute-two-part Dari program. Cactus+ is a one on one, interview program with some of the most sought-after Afghan news makers both in Afghanistan and in the greater diaspora. Cactus+ Part 1 airs on Fridays and Part 2 airs at 1430 UTC on Saturdays at (6:30 pm Afghanistan).

Jahani Poetry Show – Is a 30 Minute Show, dedicated to the Afghan Poetic literature in Pashto, its meaning and history. Jahani Poetry show airs on Friday’s at 1800 UTC (10:30pm in Afghanistan)

52 Documentaries – is a 30-minute biweekly Pashto and biweekly Dari Program that dives deep into various hot button topics globally such as environment, war, substance abuse and many others. 52 Documentaries airs Sundays at 1800 UTC (10:30 pm in Afghanistan).

Karwan Tek – is a 30-minute weekly dual language (Pashto and Dari) show. Karwan Tek breaks down technology news and innovation to the audience. Karwan Tek airs on Fridays at 1800 UTC (10:30 pm in Afghanistan)

Radio Ashna: bbroadcasts 12 hours of daily Dari and Pashto programming. Dari and Pashto begin this broadcast with 30-minutes of fast-paced, latest news and current affairs programming featuring origina l reports from Afghanistan, world news roundups, business and economic features, as well as topics of interest to Afghan women and youth. Airs on FM, AM, and shortwave and is streamed on the Web.

  • Evening News Dari starts at 1430 UTC (7:00 p.m. in Afghanistan). Pashto starts at 1500 UTC (7:30 p.m. in Afghanistan)
  • 1st Breakfast show Pashto starts at 0030 UTC (5:00 a.m. in Afghanistan). Dari starts at 0100 UTC (5:30 a.m. in Afghanistan)
  • 2nd Breakfast show Pashto starts at 0130 UTC (6:00 a.m. in Afghanistan). Dari starts at 0200 UTC (6:30 a.m. in Afghanistan)

Hard Talk is a 60-minute bilingual (Dari and Pashto) daily radio call-in show focused on current affairs. Experts, officials, and activists discuss a variety of topics, serving as a forum for VOA’s audience in Afghanistan and the diaspora. It airs daily 1530-1630 UTC (8:00 to 9:00 p.m. in Afghanistan).

Today in Afghanistan is a 30-minute daily radio program airing separately in Dari and Pashto. It includes latest news, reports from different parts of Afghanistan, as well as Q&As with stringers and analysts to present what is happening in the country. It airs daily 1630-1730 UTC (8:00 to 9:00 p.m. local time).

Afghan Narratives is a 60-minute bilingual (Dari and Pashto) daily radio call-in show focusing on ordinary Afghans. It provides a platform for Afghans to share their stories and raise their voices. It airs daily 1730-1800 UTC (10:00 to 10:30 pm in Kabul