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VOA Broadcasting in Azerbaijani

VOA’s Azerbaijani service is an important source of information about human rights, press freedom, as well as U.S. foreign policies toward Azerbaijan and the region. Employing a cross-platform strategy, the service brings its audience in Azerbaijan and neighboring provinces in Iran, as well as millions of Azerbaijani speakers in Russia and around the world, objective and comprehensive news about the U.S. and its achievements in democratic governance, business, and technology. The Azerbaijani government has banned affiliation agreements between local and international broadcasters. However, online news outlets in the country frequently reprint original reports and interviews produced by the Azerbaijani service.

Quick Facts

Established: June 1982

Target Area: Azerbaijan and Iran

TV Programming: 1 hour and 20 min. per week.

Programs and additional features available at:

Facebook: @AmerikaninSesi

Twitter: @amerikaninsesi

Instagram: amerikaninsesi

Telegram: Amerikanın Səsi

YouTube: VOAAzerbaijani

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Programs and Features


World View -- a 10-minute news program featuring U.S. and international news, as well as reports from Azerbaijan, airing Monday through Friday.

American Review -- VOA Azerbaijani’s flagship 30- minute weekly magazine show featuring major developments in the U.S. and Azerbaijan, interviews, and original news reports on various topics of interest to the audience. It is VOA Azerbaijani’s longest-running TV show.


The VOA Azerbaijani website carries the latest news from the U.S., Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani-populated parts of Iran, and the world. The site includes interviews and features on major developments in the region, as well as video reports on American culture and travel in the U.S. VOA Azerbaijani also actively engages its audiences on major social media platforms.