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VOA Broadcasting to Pakistan in Urdu

VOA’s Urdu service provides a wide variety of programs on multiple platforms, and is a reliable source of news and information in Pakistan and the diaspora. VOA Urdu broadcasts on TV, medium wave, FM networks, and its website carries live streams of the service’s TV and radio programs, along with special web-only video.

Quick Facts

Date Established: May, 1951

Target Areas: Pakistan, including FATA, Pakistani diaspora in the Middle East, Europe, and Urdu-speaking population in India and around the world.

Weekly audience: 7% in Pakistan

TV: 2 hours 8 minutes weekly (original)

Radio: 18 hours 30 min weekly

Broadcast programs and additional
features are available at:

Facebook: VOA Urdu

Twitter: @urduvoa

YouTube: Urdu VOA



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Features and Programs


View 360 – a 25-minute show on AAJ News Pakistan, launched on April 17, 2017. A fast-paced news and current affairs show provides unbiased news and views on U.S.- Pakistan relations, education, science, health, entertainment and the Pakistani diaspora. The show engages analysts and experts from different walks of life. It airs Monday to Friday 7:30 PM on AAJ TV.

Washington Bureau - VOA Urdu actively engages as the Washington Bureau with several affiliates in Pakistan, offering TV packages and interviews via Skype, telephone or satellite. Urdu TV team members regularly appear on the news and talk shows of affiliates to offer updates on the latest developments in the U.S.

Web and Digital Platforms

VOA Urdu’s website provides web-exclusive interviews, special features and news. It also includes radio and television content, as well as cultural and literary features. Urdu web is also expanding its reach through social media, publishing videos and experimenting with Facebook Live, OBS, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram. VOA Urdu’s customized digital content is attracting a large audience and adding thousands of followers on its social media platforms.


VOA Urdu broadcasts three hours of live radio Monday through Friday. This news and current affairs broadcast covers events affecting South Asia and the world, health, education and politics. It also includes call-in interactives and roundtable discussions. The VOA Urdu’s radio affiliate, Radio Pakistan, airs a pre-produced 30-minute show seven days a week. The service’s radio prime time bulletin and some of the shows are also streamed live on Facebook with an audience of thousands every week.