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VOA Broadcasting in English to Asia

VOA’s English to Asia programs target audiences living in Asia interested in global, U.S. and regional Asia news in English. Our news and feature programs can be read and heard on social media, the internet and at regional radio and television affiliate stations throughout East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Quick Facts

Established: May 2010

Target Area: East, South & Southeast Asia

Radio: 4 hours/week

TV/Video: 20 min/week


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Instagram /VOAAsia

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Programs and Features

VOA Asia - This daily flagship radio program presents the best and most interesting stories about Asia from VOA’s veteran reporters. VOA Asia tells what U.S.-Asian relationships might mean to everyday life and covers Asian opinions on life in the U.S. VOA Asia brings the latest technology and health news from the United States and around the world. (25 minutes, on weekdays)

VOA Asia Weekend - VOA Asia Weekend is a fast paced, informative and entertaining look at the past week. It’s not only the headlines, but also in-depth interviews and clear, objective reporting. (60 minutes, weekend)

Weekly Wraps - A weekly roundup of business, technology, health, entertainment and sports news from Asia and around the world. (3 minutes, on weekdays)

Campus Connection - Campus Connection connects students studying in America with their counterparts in Asia. Each episode addresses topics of interest to college students. It helps a young audience in Asia learn what to expect on campus in the United States, and the best ways to get there. (30 minutes weekly)

The Game Room - Winners and almost winners tell all! They talk about how they played each week in The Game Room. The program shares the fun, records achievements and looks ahead to the big sports around the corner. The season never ends in The Game Room! (10 minutes, weekly)

Business Scene - weekly audio and video roundup of business news from Asia and around the world. (3 minutes, weekly)

Asians in America - Viewers will always be surprised and delighted by what pops up each week on VOA Asia Facebook Live. Asians in America introduces one Asian or Asian American’s unique story, or one current event relevant, interesting and important to an Asian audience. It’s engaging, serious and inspiring, each week on VOA Asia Facebook, and often featured as a segment on the VOA Asia audio program. (10-15 minutes, weekly)

Food Bites - A bi-weekly video series about food and food culture from different immigrant populations within the United States. With a focus on profiling immigrant chefs and restaurant owners, Food Bites gives Asian audiences an all-access behind-the-scene’s tour of these interesting restaurants. Come for the food but stay for the stories! (3 minutes, weekly)

College View - The College View series dives into many aspects of universities and colleges in the United States. Usually centered around one or two students, the series answers the many questions or mysteries a young student or parent outside the United States may have about studying in America. (3 minutes, weekly)