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VOA Broadcasting in Creole to Haiti

VOA Creole is recognized as the leading international news organization broadcasting to Haiti. Creole programming is placed on affiliate stations throughout the country delivering news and information, encouraging audience engagement, and focusing on issues related to reconstruction, democracy building, health, and the environment. The Service’s call-in shows offer Haitian citizens a unique opportunity to participate via phone and ask questions about key issues. The Service is also actively engaged in journalism training across the country. Along with radio and the web, the Creole Service broadcasts radio on TV Monday through Friday, and engages its listeners actively on social media.

Quick Facts

Established: February 7, 1986

Target area: Haiti

Weekly Audience: 2.2 million

Radio programming: 15 hours per week

Broadcast programs and additional features available at:​


VOA Kreyol​




VOA Creole

Programs and Features

VOA Creole Service News Programs: These weekday and weekend news broadcasts cover the latest events in Haiti, U.S. news, and international stories of interest to the audience.

Daily News Programs air Monday through Friday:

4:00-4:25pm (Radio on TV)

Weekend News Programs air on both Saturdays and Sundays:


Rekonstriksyon: Kijan Kilè (Rebuilding of a Nation) focuses on the systemic rebuilding efforts in Haiti, including how to revamp the country’s educational system, justice system, and health system. This segment airs every Tuesday around 8:12am-8:19am in the 7:30am show.

Dyaloge ak Etazini (Dialogue with the United States) is a call-in show that airs twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:45-1:25pm. It provides a forum for interaction between guest experts and callers on issues of interest to Haitians.

Pwoteje Sante (Public Health) is a feature that focuses on issues that represent a health threat and what should be done about them. It includes discussions with guest experts on how to deal with emerging diseases. This segment airs every Wednesday at 4:21-4:24pm.

Fowòm Jèn (Youth Forum) is a weekly segment that discusses the role of young Haitians in shaping Haiti's future. The report airs around 8:05am every Tuesday.

Justice USA is a weekly 5-minute feature on American laws, their application, and differences with the laws of other countries. The segment airs at 8:00am every Tuesday.

English Learning is a segment that airs three times per week, from 7:45-8:00am, as a response to listeners’ expressed interest to learn the English language.

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