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VOA Broadcasting in English to Africa

VOA’s English to Africa Service provides multimedia news and information covering all 54 countries in Africa. The service reaches more than 25 million people on the radio, television, web, and social media. VOA programs engage audiences with information about politics, science, technology, health, business, the arts, as well as programming on sports, music and entertainment. In addition, VOA’s English to Africa service is home to the South Sudan Project, which provides news and information to radio and web consumers in the world’s newest country.

Quick Facts

Established: August 1963

Target area: English speakers in all 54 African countries

Weekly Audience: 25 million+

Radio Programming: 74.5 hours per week

TV Programming: 3.5 hours per week

Programs and additional features available at:



Straight Talk Africa

South Sudan in Focus

Health Chat

Sonny Side of Sports








Programs and Features


Africa 54 – 30-minute program looks at stories Africans are talking about, with reports from VOA correspondents and interviews with top experts. The show features latest developments on health, education, business and technology, and provides a daily dose of pop culture, including music, fashion and entertainment (weekdays at 1630 UTC).

Straight Talk Africa - Host Shaka Ssali and guests discuss topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, economic development, press freedom, human rights, social issues and conflict resolution during this 60-minute program. (Wednesdays at 1830 UTC simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet).


Africa News Tonight - a 30-minute news magazine features VOA correspondent reports, interviews with African officials, opposition leaders, NGOs and human rights activists, as well as stories on science and technology, environmental issues, humanitarian topics and the African diaspora (Weekdays, twice each evening at 1600 and 1800 UTC).

Daybreak Africa - 30-minute breakfast show looks at the latest developments on the continent and provides in-depth interviews, and reports from VOA correspondents (Weekdays at 0300, 0400, 0500 & 0600 UTC).

Nightline Africa – one-hour news magazine program highlights the latest issues and developments on the continent. Correspondents from Washington and across Africa offer in-depth interviews, analysis and features on African arts and culture, sports, and music (Saturday & Sunday at 1600 UTC with a repeat at 1800 UTC).

South Sudan in Focus – 30-minute program about South Sudan heard on shortwave radio throughout the country, on FM in the capital Juba and other towns, on VOA’s 24-hour FM radio station in Nairobi, and FM stations in Uganda (Weekdays at 1630 UTC).

Health Chat - a 30-minute live call-in program on health issues of interest to Africans. The show puts listeners in touch with guest medical professionals to answer their questions and explain latest research and findings (Tuesdays at 1730 UTC).

Let's Talk – 30-minute interactive program about lifestyle issues; everything from African cuisine, to how cellphones have changed society. Audience questions and comments are collected via social media (Mondays at 1730 UTC).

Reporters' Roundtable – 30-minute program with host and journalist Douglas Mpuga and a lively panel of journalists who analyze the week’s major developments in Africa (Thursdays at 1730 UTC).

Sonny Side of Sports - Host Sonny Young offers an energetic look at world and African sports, using humor, props, sound effects and correspondent reports from Africa and around the globe (Weekdays at 1630 and 1830 UTC).

Up Front – 30-minute program with co-hosts Jackson Mvunganyi in the U.S., and Nadia Samie in Africa, who talk to teens and young adults about politics, trends, lifestyles, health, entertainment, and other issues (Wednesdays at 1730 UTC).

African Music Mix - From North to South and East to West, the show draws from an archive of over 15,000 selections of African dance music (Monday-Sunday 0100-0300 UTC, and Monday-Friday 1200-1400 UTC).

African Beat – one-hour program on the latest and greatest of contemporary African music (Monday-Friday 0900 UTC and 2000 UTC).

Music Time in Africa – Hour-long program features pan-African music that spans all genres and generations. Ethnomusicologist and host Heather Maxwell updates listeners on African music with exclusive interviews and cultural information (Saturdays & Sundays 0900-1000 & 2000-2100 UTC).


Shaka: Extra Time – Following the Straight Talk Africa show, host Shaka Ssali continues the conversation on-line adding background information and insights on topics already discussed during the show.

One on One with Peter Clottey – Reporter Peter Clottey tackles tough topics in interviews with high profile newsmakers in this 5-minute video segment of the Africa 54 TV program.

What Do You Think? – A weekly segment into Africa 54 TV program. The audience is asked to weigh in through social media on subjects that have them talking. Some of their answers are profiled on social media platforms and presented during the show.

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