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VOA Broadcasting in Serbian

VOA’s Serbian service broadcasts to Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Kosovo and parts of Bosnia- Herzegovina to inform, engage and connect VOA’s strategic audience in the Western Balkans, promoting democratic values, peace and stability, ethnic reconciliation, the rule of law, human and minority rights, and media freedoms, as well as to explain U.S. foreign policy interests and perspectives on regional and global issues. Carried by some 40 TV affiliate stations in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Republika Srpska in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the service’s TV programs feature original and unique content, including high-profile interviews with U.S. experts and officials, visiting officials and prominent experts and figures in culture and arts from the target area, as well as reports on the Serbian and Montenegrin diasporas in America. In addition to TV programming, the service reaches its audience via its website and social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. With the local media scene exposed to more penetration by Russian broadcasters, VOA’s Serbian service continues to provide the American angle in reporting on global, as well as regional and domestic issues to its Balkan audiences.

Quick Facts

Established: March 1943​

Target Area: Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Weekly Audience: 5.4 percent in Serbia, 30.3 percent in Montenegro

TV Programming: 1.75 hours per week

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Programs and Features

Open Studio – A daily (Monday-Friday) 15-minute TV news and information program that provides wide-ranging coverage of developments in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and the wider Balkan region. Open Studio regularly hosts newsmakers from the U.S. and the region. A major focus of programming is on democratic consolidation and ethnic reconciliation. (During the COVID-19 crisis, the service is broadcasting a 15-minute, pre- recorded version of Open Studio Monday-Friday.)

From America – A special, exclusive 15-minute weekly magazine show for N1 TV that provides both original service-generated and VOA TV reports.

VOA Serbian also provides live, interactive reports to Public Service TV Montenegro on U.S.-Montenegrin relations and developments in the United States on Mondays and Wednesdays. The service provides a regular weekly special report on U.S topics for the Serbian public service broadcaster RTS on Tuesdays.