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VOA Broadcasting in Turkish

VOA Turkish is a multimedia news service. The website and mobile news service, along with social media, attract a high number of users. Interviews and broadcasts by VOA Turkish are frequently quoted in the Turkish media. Reporters of VOA Turkish send live feeds daily to most of the major TV networks in Turkey, a multi-party democracy. However, Freedom House and other international media watchdogs rate Turkish media as “not free.” Turkey’s media regulator RTUK censors, bans, and fines independent outlets frequently. As of July 2022, RTUK has extended its reach and imposed an access ban over VOA Turkish’s website.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1942-1945,

1948 to present

Target Area: Turkey, Europe, Eurasia

TV Programming:

3 hours per week of live news & 6 hours of repeats M-S for EKOTURK TV Channel, including daily 30-minute live broadcasts M-F and twice a-week of 30-minute Q&A’s on the channel.

Programs and additional features

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Programs and Features


VOA-EKOTURK ‘Studyo VOA’ - A 30-minute wrap of the latest news airing in Turkey at 10:30 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. The newscast includes remotes from D.C., NY, LA, Paris, London and Berlin. On Fridays and Sundays EKOTURK has two live Q&A’s with service reporters on current events, Turkish-American relations, American politics and economy. Repeated twice daily.

VOA-EKOTURK ‘Studyo VOA 6th DAY’ - A 30-minute program airing Saturdays on EKOTURK TV. It includes news, analysis, interviews, as well as health, science, technology, and lifestyle features. It is repeated twice throughout the day.

‘Washington Bureau Niche’ - CNNTURK, KANAL D, Haber Turk, Haber Global, Bloomberg TV, TGRT Haber, Halk TV, Tele1 and NTV are using the service’s special reports and getting live hits from the service’s reporters on a daily basis. VOA Turkish follows the ‘Washington Bureau’ concept.


On April 29, 2019, VOA Turkish, along with BBC Turkish and France 24, launched +90, a DW sponsored YouTube Channel in Turkish. It is the first time DW, BBC, VOA and France 24 have joined forces in a media project of this caliber. Today, the number of subscribers to the +90 YouTube Channel has surpassed 584,000. Seven VOA Turkish videos are among the twelve top viewed videos on the channel with more than 5 million views.