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VOA Broadcasting in Uzbek

VOA Uzbek reaches audiences in Uzbekistan, Central Asia and Afghanistan. Since its independence from the Soviet Union, access to free media has deteriorated in Uzbekistan and throughout the region. The only nationwide broadcaster in Uzbekistan is the State TV and Radio Company, which is strictly controlled by the government. VOA Uzbek provides accurate, objective, and reliable news and information to the audience everyday on radio, TV and the Internet.

Quick Facts

Established: February 1972

Target Area: Central Asia

Radio Programming: 30 minutes per day

TV Programming: 60 minutes per week

Programs and additional features available at:


VOA Uzbek






Video and audio podcasts available on My Yahoo, iTunes, and

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Programs and Features


Amerika Ovozi – A 30-minute daily radio program focusing on international news, American stories and U.S.-Central Asia relations. VOA Uzbek has FM affiliates in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and in Samangon city, Northern Afghanistan.


Amerika Manzaralari – A 30-minute weekly TV magazine focusing on trends in Washington policy, economic and social developments in the U.S., and ethnic Central Asians in America. VOA Uzbek has a TV affiliate in Osh city, Southern Kyrgyzstan.

Amerika Ovozi - Xalqaro Hayot A daily 6-minute global news brief that airs Monday through Friday, and is carried by Ayna TV in Afghanistan, and Keremet TV in Kyrgyzstan. Each morning, this news brief looks at the latest global developments with headline news.

Vashington Choyxonasi - is a weekly web TV talk show about Uzbek immigrants’ lives in the U.S. and other general issues relevant to larger Uzbek audience.

Amerika Ovozi has a multi-media web site with text, audio, video, special blogs, and links to its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and Moi Mir).