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Dzeilana Pecanin Allison

Dzeilana Pecanin Allison
Chief, Bosnian Service

Dzeilana Pecanin Allison, a Sarajevo native, met Ratko Mladic in 1993 while working as a journalist during the war in Bosnia. She is available to discuss her impressions of the former Bosnian Serb general, and his arrest on war crimes charges.

Pecanin Allison met Mladic at a rare wartime news conference at Sarajevo airport, where she questioned him about the war. The general singled her out as a Bosnian Muslim and invited her to visit his Bosnian Serb army headquarters, an invitation she declined. Pecanin Allison has worked for VOA since 1995.

Before joining VOA, Dzeilana Pecanin Allison reported for the acclaimed Sarajevo daily newspaper Oslobodjenje (Liberation) covering foreign affairs and the UN mission in Bosnia. She can describe what it was like to work as a reporter in a besieged Sarajevo under conditions of persistent bombing and sniping.

Ms. Pecanin Allison came to the United States in January 1995, and completed fellowships with the Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday before joining VOA.

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