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***VOA's Internship Program will be virtual through January 2023, and is smaller than our usual program. Please send in your application to the appropriate team and a manager will follow up if they are able to accept virtual interns.​***

Are you motivated, hard-working, and enthusiastic? Think about becoming a VOA intern!

Click here to learn more about VOA and the Internship program or here to learn more about VOA.

General Information

  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an accredited college or university. Our internships are U.S. based and you must be a U.S. citizen or have lived in the U.S. for an aggregate of three of the last five years. In addition, we can only accept interns who are enrolled in accredited U.S. universities or their affiliates. We need people who are creative, energetic and willing to take initiative. You must be willing to work under pressure and have a desire to learn in a hands-on environment. Ideally, we prefer to have interns who are able to work with us a minimum of three days a week.
  • Compensation: Voluntary and unpaid (though a transportation stipend is provided)
  • Credit: College credit is available, depending on student's school
  • Majors: Journalism, Broadcasting, International Relations and related disciplines. We are also interested in Studio Production, Education, Graphics, Information and Library Studies, Communications and Public Relations majors.
  • Benefits: Provides "real world" experience in a diverse and dynamic international broadcast network. We mentor, train and support our interns. You will leave your internship with VOA with enhanced skills and a portfolio to show to potential employers.
  • Deadlines: Apply in January-March for summer internships, in May-June for fall internships, and October-November for spring internships. Allow 4-5 weeks for processing paperwork. All answers must be typed. Here is a helpful link to OPM’s explanation on how to fill in the form OPM guidance
  • Application: Send resume, cover letter expressing desired focus of internship and teams you would like to work on, with subject line: Internship. Highlight experience that makes you a good candidate. Apply to: Questions about the VOA Internship Program, contact: Heather Buchan:
  • * Note to international students: Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in the procurement of United States visas.

Internships By Department

Senior Management & Support Offices

  • Internship opportunities with senior management and support teams include Administration, Contracts, Public Affairs/Public Relations, TV Operations, General Counsel, Graphics and Research. Senior management interns need excellent research, writing and communications skills, knowledge of Word, and Excel. Duties in those offices vary, but often involve research, working on white papers, memos, special projects, analyzing data and creating spreadsheets. Support offices require more specific technical skills such as studying for a JD, knowledge of graphics software, broadcast engineering, data analytics, budgets, writing press releases, social media and webpage creation.​

VOA Language Services

  • VOA’s nearly 50 Language Services (see fact sheet above) broadcast news and information on multiple platforms: mobile, television, radio, social media and web to Asia, Africa, Eurasia, Latin America and Iran. Fluency in broadcast languages is a plus. Interns must have a keen interest in TV/Radio news as well as a grasp of working on deadline with the ability to research, write and edit stories. They will get hands-on experience working on radio/television, social media and digital platforms.

Media Lab

  • VOA’s Media Lab creates daily short form video headlines on Africa, World, Asia and U.S. along with pilots and special programs. Students will be able to research, write, edit and post news capsules. They will learn how to operate a small studio, and have an opportunity to anchor newscasts. Interns must have excellent research, writing and some editing skills. We will train students in developing news judgement, news writing, video editing skills and basic studio operations.

Learning English

  • Learning English produces original podcasts, videos and social media posts using a limited vocabulary to teach non-English speakers American English. Interns must have excellent research, writing and social media skills using the limited vocabulary for English learners. Students are trained in audio production, web article posting and social media audience engagement. Send resume, cover letter, transcript(s), and two writing samples (news-related or features items) to Ashley Thompson (

TV to Africa

  • VOA’s English to Africa Service provides multimedia news and information covering all 54 countries in Africa. Interns write daily show descriptions for TV Facebook pages, assist with video field shoots, edit projects using Adobe Premier and DaletPlus editing systems, run teleprompter for live TV shows, videotape logging, topic research, guest recruit, guest greeting, and other duties. Students must have research experience, demonstrated interest in Africa and international affairs, communications skills, ability to meet deadlines and to work under pressure. Send cover letter and resume to Clara Frenk (

VOA Newsroom Teams:

  • VOA Connect is a weekly TV magazine show (not live; all original video content) VOA Connect is looking for student video journalists and shooters and/or editors interested in compelling, non-narrated storytelling. VOA Connect requires proficiency in Adobe Premiere video editing. VOA Connect interns will have the chance to improve their Premiere skills editing and help with production for a weekly magazine show.​
  • The VOA News Center Investigative Unit interns conduct research including contacting sources by phone and email to obtain information; suggest story ideas for coverage; work in support of the team’s editor and the Press Freedom editor. Investigative Unit interns also write articles for the Press Freedom webpage and the main VOA website, go out on TV shoots, log and edit video, transcribe interviews (with transcription software). In addition, students may be called upon to do social media work including creating posts. Investigative team interns also participate in meetings discussing the team’s work and projects.​
  • Planning Editor interns help our planning editor with calendar management, tracking special projects and outreach to all of VOA’s nearly 50 language services.​
  • The VOA News Center production team interns edit video with Adobe Premier and audio with Adobe Audition. Ability to shoot video is also a plus. Depending on skills, production interns will edit radio and TV reports as well as shoot video, create graphics, and upload/download video.
  • Plugged In with Greta Van Susteren is our weekly political – foreign policy TV program. Interns for Plugged In should have a keen interest in TV news and live television production. Interns should have a good grasp of working on a deadline and all elements needed to build a television news story. We will help to teach them news judgement and story telling. We are also very much mindful of the bridge between the different platforms that allow us to reach our audiences. Interns for Plugged in also need an understanding of how to communicate on digital platforms.​
  • Social Media interns get hands-on experience creating original content, conceiving and executing campaigns and strategies to engage an international audience, and managing several social media platforms. Our Social Media interns must possess solid news judgement and be able to edit video and other multimedia with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and will learn to manage social media for an organization. They create content specifically for social media with the goal of grabbing readers' attention amid the flood of posts vying for attention.​
  • Student Union is an online community for international students at colleges and universities in the US. We share news, information and experiences on our webpage as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. Interns produce video, audio, images and text to be distributed on those platforms and our website on They have the opportunity to host student-oriented shows US broadcasts on SU social accounts.​
  • Interns on the VOA News Center hub are assigned a wide variety of news stories to write for use by VOA language services and the English website. In addition to daily international and domestic news stories, interns will be encouraged to pitch original story ideas. They will be exposed to all aspects of the News Center's operations and may be asked to help do research and conduct interviews for stories being worked on by other VOA reporters.​

Send resumes and cover letter to Amy Katz ( with subject line: Internship. Highlight experience that makes you a good candidate. Internships are available in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles.

Media Asset Management Branch

  • Asset Mangement Branch interns must be graduate or undergraduate majors in Library Science. Interns may do all or some of the following activities: shot-level cataloging of video content; assist with media migration activities; respond to producer requests for video, audio or textual background material; search internal databases, indexes and Media Asset Management (MAM) system; assist with documenting, researching, preparing or displaying legacy content; assist with processing audio files; ingest and archiving digital assets. Send resume and cover letter to Pam Commerford, Media Asset Management Branch Chief (

Music Programming

VOA produces a number of music programs from jazz to pop, country and regional programs. We are looking for motivated, highly-energetic students who are interested in all aspects of production, including research and social media. For general applications to all Music Programming, contact: June Simms, Executive Producer of FM Programming at

  • Music Time in Africa is VOA’s longest running radio program in English. It features Africa's finest music with weekly interviews, music news, and audience engagement. The host Heather Maxwell is an Africanist ethnomusicologist and musical artist who has lived and performed extensively throughout Africa for over 30 years. Interns assist with social media, Whatsapp, Facebook live sessions, organize and keep track of music. Interns must have excellent skills in writing, social media and research; ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure and a desire to learn. Send cover letter and resume to Heather Maxwell ( with subject line: Internship. Highlight experience that makes you a good candidate. Apply in May for summer internships. Internships are available in Washington, D.C.
  • Border Crossings is the Voice of America's daily music program and broadcast on audio and television Monday through Friday at 1500UTC. Border Crossings airs listeners’ favorite song requests and dedications along with featuring interviews from some of the biggest names in music. Interns work on production, audio and video editing, scheduling interviews, audience interaction, assisting with locating and or filing music in the library. Interns must have excellent skills in writing, social media and research; ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure and a desire to learn. Send cover letter and resume to Larry London ( with subject line: Internship. Highlight experience that makes you a good candidate. Internships are available in Washington, D.C.

TV Technical Operations

  • Interns assist TV technicians in setting up and operations in lighting, audio, camera control, video tape playback, and floor direction; assist in the project management, design and installation of broadcasting systems and facilities and assist mobile camera teams on news assignments. Interns must have a general knowledge of and interest in television studio production and field camera operation; familiarity with production and technical terms; background and/or knowledge in electrical or electronics engineering or systems project management. Send resumes to Seth Jason (

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